Antique twisted absinthe glass - Ref B


Antique twisted absinthe glass 


Antique twisted absinthe glass

The glass thickens in the lower part, where the absinthe dose was.

Presence of bubbles in the glass. Scratches from use. 3 of the original 6 glasses are blown glass, there is still the trace of the pontil underneath, the other 3 I am not sure.

The twists on the glass are used to measure out the absinthe liquor and then pour the water over the sugar on the absinthe spoon on the glass to soften the bitterness of the drink.

Quite a ceremony!

You can find other models of glasses and absinthe spoons on the site or in the shop.


Height approx. 16cm - Weight approx. 430g to 480g

You buy 1 glass

All glasses are different, they are not the same size or diameter, some are smaller than others or heavier