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Slate pencil urchin on base - Heterocentrotus mamillatus


Slate pencil urchin on base - Heterocentrotus mamillatus

Origin: Indo-Pacific.


Pencil urchin on base - Heterocentrotus mamillatus

Black wood base, repoussé brass rosette.

Pencil urchin (Heterocentrotus mamillatus) is a species of tropical sea urchin in the Echinometridae family, characterized by its very thick spines.

Origin: Indo-Pacific.

The shell, called a “test”, can measure up to 8 cm in diameter, with spines (called “radioles”) reaching up to 10 cm. The genus is easily recognized by its enormous, thick primary radioles.

Wingspan: about 28cm - Height: 20cm

All sea urchins are farmed or collected with permission.

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