Anatomic lithography: "L'Anatomie de L'Homme" by Bourgery and Jacob -1866

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Anatomical plate: " Traité complet de l'Anatomie de l'Homme " by Dr Bourgery and draughtsman Jacob -1866

The plates are taken from the monumental work of Dr Bourgery who occupied there the last 15 years of his life to realize it: Complete treatise of the anatomy of man, including surgical anatomy and surgical medicine.
Unanimously recognized for the finesse of his drawings by the Professor of anatomical drawing Jacob, pupil of the famous painter of the Revolution, David.

Our anatomical plates are all taken from Volume Six of the 1866 edition.

Plate 25: Teeth extraction - Drawn by Léveillé under the direction of Jacob.

Plate 29: Arm and foot bleeding - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 36: Ligation of the anterior tibial arteries - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 37: Ligature of the posterior tibial and peroneal arteries - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 56: Various thoracic limb bone resections - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 57: Resection of the humerocubital joint (Moreau's procedure) - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 67: Amputation of the phalanges - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 73: Amputations on the thoracic limb - Drawn by Jacob.

Plate 87: Amputations in the coxo-femoral joint - Drawn by Jacob.

Good condition, always bright colors. Some rare foxing.

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