Oracle - Daily Divination Game: Augur (White Game)

Daily Divination Game: Augur - White Game

The new daily ritual to guide you through your day.

With 33 rare and ancient words and the refined ambiance of an 18th century boudoir, Augure Blanc reveals what your day might hold, simply by drawing a card each morning.

Place the card by your bed and check at night if the prediction was right!

With 7 additional cards dedicated to the days of the week, learn more about the symbolism of the day.

Size of the cards: 11.3x6cm on a satin paper pleasant to the touch

Be careful to shoot your cards, face North as the Ancients did!

Divinatory curiosity created by La Manufacture des Merveilles

Please note that the cards and the instructions are in French only

19,90 €

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