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Chimera cup in brass - Troubadour Style - 19th century

Chimera cup in brass

Troubadour Style - 19th century
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Chimera cup in brass - Troubadour style

The 19th-century Troubadour style was an artistic movement that emerged under the French Restoration, flourished under the reign of Charles X around 1820/1830 and then lasted until the end of the 19th century under the Second Empire. Just think of the decoration and furnishing of the Château de Pierrefonds by Viollet Le Duc.

The Troubadour style tended to reinvent an idealised atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, particularly through the use of ornamentation on objects, with whimsical heraldic motifs or unicorns and chimeras mingling with plant motifs. It was these mixes that determined the troubadour style in French decorative arts.

The cup consists of a brass scallop finely engraved with a floral motif surmounted by a chimera on an acanthus leaf tripod.

A beautiful size!

There has been some old soldering on the part connecting the chimera to the tripod below.

Dimensions: 26.5x18cm Height 19.5cm