Reptiles - Antique chart by D'Orbigny - 1869


Fish - Antique chart  by D'Orbigny - 1869

In colors

Atlas of the Universal Dictionary of Natural History

Reptile - Orbigny - 1869
  • Dactylèthre du Cap
  • Acrochorde de Java
  • Iguane tuberculeux
  • Elaps corail
  • Amphisbène enfumée
  • Rouleau à rubans
  • Pseudis de Mérian
  • Caméléon à nez fourchu
  • Ménobranche
  • Salamandre tachetée
  • Gymnopode spinifère
  • Engystome
  • Crotale
  • Tortue mauritanique
  • Caïman
  • Eryx de Duvaucel
  • Siphonops
  • Tropidonote
  • Gongyle
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Plate - Antique engraving of fish in colors of the XIXth century - 1869

They come from the third volume of the Atlas of the Universal Dictionary of Natural History directed by Charles D'Orbigny published in 1869.

Second edition.

These loose plates, not bound, were initially printed in deliveries and could then be bound together by a bookbinder. In the meantime they were placed between 2 printed cartons and bound with a fabric ribbon. The delivery of the third volume initially included 300 engraved and colored plates.

Serving as a complement to the Works of Buffon

Please look at the pictures carefully, all plates have been photographed.

They are antiques and sometimes present defects, such as missing parts, cuts, stains, dirt, foxing.

Size of the plates: about 25.3x16cm