Big Marlin rostrum - Size XL

The marlin is a fish belonging to the order Perciformes and lives in the warm seas of the planet. Cousin of the swordfish.

As if it came out of the museum of natural history, this real Marlin rostrum will find its place in a collection of unusual objects. This rostrum of a very beautiful color is of an unusual size, really very large, in general marlin rostrums are rather in the 40 / 45cm. Its diameter is also impressive where in general the marlins have rostrums rather fine.

On one of the photos, the big rostrum is put next to a "standard" rostrum. So you can see the big difference.

Material: bone

Provenance: Indonesia

Dimensions between 62cm and 68cm high with the base . The rostrum bases are between 6 and 8cm wide.

All the rostrums are unique and different in terms of size, size, color etc. Pictures of illustrations.

225,00 €

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