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Large Test of purple green sea urchin: Toxopneustes pileolus

Large Test of purple green sea urchin: Toxopneustes pileolus of the Philippines.

Toxopneustes Pileolus (or sea urchin) is a species of venomous tropical sea urchin that can inflict dangerous stings.

This sea urchin lives at shallow depth (0-15 m), making it all the more dangerous. It is fond of calm coral lagoons, and herbariums or sandy bottoms. It is found in the tropical regions of the Indo-Pacific basin, from the East African coast to the Pacific archipelago.

This beautiful sea urchin is a fearsome animal: a simple caress of the hand can prove deadly, because its venom comes from the pedicellariae and not from the quills. It is one of the most dangerous poisonous animals of the coral ecosystems.

Natural color. 10/11cm diameter.

All sea urchins come from farm farms or from the authorized pick-up.

9,00 €

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