Red Sea Whip Coral on brass stand - Ellisella grandis - Sulawesi Island

Red Whip Coral on pedestal - Ellisella grandis from Sulawesi (Indonesia)

A burning flame shape with an incredible red color

A rare gorgonian from the Sulawesi islands, member of the Octocorals: Ellisella grandis

Ellisella gorgonians are very close to corals, they form bushes whose color is predominantly reddish brown but whose polyps that inhabit them are white with eight tentacles.

Widespread in all warm and temperate seas, they are particularly abundant in the coral reefs of tropical regions where they live in colonies.

Fixed on a substrate like rock, they are found from the surface to several hundred meters deep.

Total height: 86cm - Wingspan: 21cm

Base: 16.5x7.5cm

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