Oracle - Divination Game: Augure

Oracle - Divination Game: Augure

Ready to let words and numbers inspire your destiny?

It's easy to use Augure.

Unfold the AUGURE cards, think of a question and draw a card at random.

You will discover a rare word, its interpretation and its numerological symbolism: so many assets to enlighten your situation and bring you an answer.

Love, work, finances, advice on a complex situation: AUGURE gives you an original interpretation and plunges you into the atmosphere of the 18th century, between cabinets of curiosities, rare and ancient words, numerology and occultism...

The 30 divination cards and the 9 numerology cards are accompanied by the history of AUGURE and the instructions for use, all gathered in a compact case that can be slipped in anywhere and taken with you on your travels.

Size of the cards: 11.3x6cm on a satin paper pleasant to the touch

Be careful to shoot your cards, face North as the Ancients did!

Divinatory curiosity created by La Manufacture des Merveilles

Please note that the cards and the instructions are in French only

19,90 €

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