Antique pharmacy - Herbalist jar: Asa-foetida (Gum resin) / Asafetida- 19th century

Condition: Used

Asa-foetida (Gum resin) / Asafetida also called food of the devil

Antique pharmacy or herbalist jar in blown glass from the XIXth century

Beautiful painted label with frame

Glass blown with the mouth, it remains the trace of the pontil of the cane below.

Gilded stopper in sheet metal - Very faded label

Height 24cm approximately with stopper Diameter: 10.5cm

Asafetida is a gum-resin used as vegetable drug and as spice. It is extracted from the root of a kind of giant fennel. The gum resin has a strong, pungent odor reminiscent of garlic, onion, rotten egg or gaslight, which is why it is called fetid!

There are still roots in the jar.

There is a shock on the sheet metal cap.

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