Botanical plate - Phanerogamy - Voyage to the South Pole on the Astrolabe by Dumont D'Urville - 1846

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Painted botanical plate - Phanerogamy

Voyage to the South Pole and Oceania on the corvettes the Astrolabe and the Zélée, executed by order of the king during the years 1837-1838-1839-1840 under the command of M. Dumont-d'Urville captain of vessel.

These are engravings of the nineteenth century from the ninth and tenth issues of an Atlas of Natural History.

The plates were printed progressively in several issues to form the final Atlas of Natural History.

The names of the engravers, printer and editor are indicated at the bottom of each engraving

Author: Jules Dumont d'Urville

Scientific editor: Honoré Jacquinot

Publication date: 1846

Publisher: Gide in Paris

Phanerogamy is the study of plants with flowers

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