Red Coral: Tubipora Musica CO473-4

Red Coral: Tubipora Musica

This beautiful red color is natural.

But under the water of Salomon Islands, you will see only a carpet of white "flowers": it is polyps, small animals, that live in each of the pipes of this fine architecture.

It is surprising that only the skeleton has this magnificent color.

This coral on black rectangular wooden base have its Cites permit, because it is about a species with regulated trade. 

Why was this coral harvested? The Solomon Islands have a deep-water port for large vessels and regularly have to dredge the bottom of the canal in order to secure the bottom of the boats, hence these coral withdrawals.

Unique piece.

L 12cm x 12cm x H 13cm

Can only be sold in the European Union.

459,00 €

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