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Chimera or Dragon candlestick - Wax jack- XIXth century


Chimera or Dragon candlestick 

Cellar rat in babitt metal also known as Passe-couloir - Wax jack

Wax jack

19th century


Candlestick known as a "rat de cave (cellar rat)" or "passe-couloir (passageway)".

With a Chimera motif, lion's mouth, winged body and serpent's tail, or perhaps a Dragon.

Candlestick in Babbitt metal - Wax jack

The candlestick was used for lighting while on the move, in contrast to candlesticks and other candle-lighting devices left on a piece of furniture. 

Height 19.5cm Square base: 9x9cm Weight: 735g


Brass wick at the top

Sold without candle