Advertisement THO-RADIA - Radioactive products - Radioactive cream - From the 1930's

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Advertisement THO-RADIA - Radioactive products - From the 1930's.

A little nugget of an advert with this famous face illuminated by the open cream jar just below...!

Yes, the light comes out of the cream jar, after all cosmetic products are based on radium, a radioactive product...!

"Beautifying because curative with Thorium and Radium"

Tho-Radia was a French pharmaceutical company that produced cosmetics between 1932 and 1968.

The particularity of these creams, toothpastes and soaps of the Tho-Radia brand was to contain, until 1937, radium and thorium, taking advantage of the popular success of radium after its discovery by Pierre and Marie Curie, Tho-Radia hired a namesake of the Curies, Dr Alfred Curie.

The Tho-Radia creams are noticed by their very characteristic advertisement representing a young blond woman lit from below by rays coming out of a jar of cream of the brand...

The range consists of a cream and a powder based on thorium salts and radium salts, certified radioactive by a laboratory in Colombes in 1932...

But Thorium, a radioactive metal, if it is less dangerous in contact with the skin is just as toxic inside the body if it is inhaled or swallowed, as for example when using toothpaste...!

Indeed, the general public began to become aware of the danger of radioactive products, particularly through the Radium Girls scandal in 1917, when American women workers were intoxicated by the radium paint they used and who used to taper the brush of radioactive paint with their lips...

Then there was the death of the American millionaire Eben Byers in 1932 due to Radithor, a radium fortifier, who consumed several vials of Radithor per day for almost two years and whose jaw bones began to slowly decompose, he died in atrocious suffering.

All this led in France from 1937 to change the regulations on the marketing of products containing radioactive elements, by imposing to sell them only under medical prescription and with a red label bearing the words "poison" or "toxic" for the products to be ingested, which was commercially complicated .

In 1937, Tho-Radia then changed its strategy by removing all references to radium and Alfred Curie, keeping only the successful brand and ceasing to incorporate radium and thorium in its products. The company lasted until 1968.

The advertisement is old but I don't think that the support on which it is laminated is old. On the other hand, it must have been glued on this support later, it seems to me more recent.

Size of the support: 40x30cm

Size of the advertisement: 37.5x27.8cm

There are cracks and scratches on the advert

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