Antique casket handle - Winged hourglass

Condition: Used

Antique coffin handle made of relatively light metal (aluminium? cast iron?).

Original new handle, never installed, old stock of hardware.

With a winged hourglass motif.

Indeed, the hourglass evokes the inexorable passage of time, each grain of sand representing a day in our lives.

The hourglass is presented with the wings of a dove or an angel, both messengers of God, as if the instrument for measuring time became, with death, the soul that the dove or angel will carry to heaven.

By its reversible side, the hourglass evokes the faculty of a new life or real life when it is turned over to restart a cycle.

The handles can be removed from the plate.

19 x 9.5cm

You buy 1 handle, not the whole set

20,00 €

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