Double Point-Roller: Vintage massage instrument circa 1950

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Double Point-Roller: Vintage massage instrument circa 1950

This device appears in the 1930s, the Point roller (trademark: The point on the forehead) is presented as the indispensable instrument for those who wish to eliminate its unsightly bulges.

It looks like a rather special rolling pin with many suction cups.

With a "gentle and penetrating suction" it "produces a natural circulation of blood in the fatty parts". It makes it possible to target a precise area and "remove fat from a specific part of the body"...

This one is an evolution of the first one, there are more rollers and the suction cups are removable.

According to the label on the box, more pleasant massage, more intense effect.

I did not try to remove a suction cup nor to test it by the way ...

Instrument with lacquered wood and metal for the handles, rubber for the suction cups.

The logo of the brand: "The dot on the forehead" is affixed on a metal pellet at each end of the massage rolling pin!

Roll length: 45.5cm

It looks new to me at the time, in any case it must not have been used much to remove the fat!

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