Pneumatic vacuum cleaner by Dr Dieulafoy (circa 1900)

Condition: Used

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Vintage medical case: Pneumatic vacuum cleaner by Dr Dieulafoy (circa 1900).

This instrument served as a puncture of purulent collections at the superficial or in the depth of organs, in search of effusion or tumors.

It allowed to make the vacuum in the syringe, which caused a strong aspiration in the tube by sucking the liquids that it met at the time required.

(Source: Conservatoire du patrimoine hospitalier de Rennes).

Dr. Paul Georges Dieulafoy was a French physician known for his work in digestive pathology.

The rubber tubes are in poor condition and almost completely cracked over their entire length.

The glass cylinder of the syringe is tightened in a chromed metal frame graduated with a 2-way faucet system.

A set of trocars and needles, plus a glass tube that previously contained needles (under the removable tray). 

case dimensions: 24 x 11 x 5 cm: in good condition, box lined with violet velvet Inside.

The Cabinet is in good condition for its age.

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