Antique Absinthe glass - Pontharlier model - Blown glass

Condition: Used

Antique absinthe glass, Pontharlier model - XIXth century

These are glasses with reservoirs, at the base of the glass there was a hollow part which allowed the absinthe to be dosed.

It took the name of Pontharlier following a chromolithography of Pernod et Fils which was very widespread in the bars of France at the time, on this publicity image one can see this famous glass with a newspaper "Le Pontharlier" in the foreground.

Glass blown with the mouth and cut, one sees the depression of the blowing rod under the glass, what one calls the pontil.

Traces of use, scratches

Height: about 16cm

Base diameter: 7.8cm Opening diameter: 9.2cm Average weight: 430/440g

You buy 1 glass

All glasses are different, they are not the same size or diameter, some are smaller than others or heavier

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