Old glass for Absinthe

Condition: Used

Old Absinthe glass: dosing-line glass.

The engraved line is on the bottom of the glass. The glass thickens in the lower part where the absinthe was.

Presence of bubbles in the glass. Mouth-blown glass. The glass weighs heavy.

2 glasses available:
-One of the glasses has a brown color line included in the glass.
-The other has a very small radiance on the opening (the upper part of the glass) and a scratch.

The line on the glass allows to dose the Absinthe liqueur and then pour the water on the sugar that is on the absinthe spoon placed on the glass in order to soften the bitterness of the beverage.

A ceremonial one!

You can find on the site or in shop other models of glasses as well as absinthe spoons.

Height 15.5 cm. Base diameter 7.8cm. Opening diameter up to 9.2 cm Weight: 417g

25,00 €

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