Old Absinthe carafe - 5 Beaded Topette

Condition: Used

Old Absinthe topette (carafe), also called a dividing carafe, made of mouth-blown glass because you can still see the trace of the cane under the carafe.

Stopper in blown glass with shape of a peanut

Each bead represents a dose of absinthe. The most common is the double bead, these decanters also being used for other alcohols. Hence often the double dose: one dose (1 bead) in the coffee, then the second dose afterwards, the famous "pousse-café"!

You pour a bead of absinthe in the glass and then just put the sugar on the spoon above the glass and let the water run before tasting.

Very practical for coffee makers to calculate the number of glasses you have drunk.

Model with 5 beads (5 doses): Height: 18.5 cm (with cap) Diameter: 6.2cm

The dimensions vary because they are mouth-blown models, so they are not strictly identical.

The corks are not identical either, I suppose that when the dishes were washed, the corks were mixed up and did not necessarily find their original carafe.

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