Anatomical study "Le corps de l'Homme"

Condition: Used

Anatomical charts of the book by Doctor GALET " The Body of the Man " Paris 1854, Lithographs of LEMERCIER, printer lithographer of Paris.

Diverse human anatomical studies:
Cut-away diagram

Remarkable lithographic edition dating the middle of the XIXth century, 1854.

Big delicacy of the handwriting and delicately colorized.

Pulled at thick quality paper by Lemercier (rue de Seine at Paris)

2 possible Sizes:

- board large format: 43 cms X 28 cms virgin Back. Central fold of origin, paper slightly skated, small marks of use. Boards: 45-46 and 113.


- format: 28 cms X 21.5 cms virgin Back. A left vertical fold (1.5cm edge), small marks of use.
Boards: 23-39-41-53-80-100-106-108-109-129-130-145-151-158

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