Anatomical and osteological drawing 1912-1913

Condition: Used

Anatomical and osteological studies, in pencil on paper by Ingres dating from 1912, some of the drawings have a date of May or August 1912.

There is no name or signature, nor school name.

Size: about 62.7x48cm.

Paper: ARCHIC INGRES - MBM or INGRES 1862 - CF or INGRES 1871

-The Basin

-The Hand

-The Humerus

-Clavicle and scapula

-The Lower Leg (Tibia, fibula, patella)

-Radius and Cubitus

-The Basin seen from the side

-The Femur

-The Foot

Take a good look at the pictures to see the state of the drawings, they must have been exposed to light or sunlight for a long time, just pinned to the wall I think.

Freckles, yellowing, damaged edges, stains, pinholes in the corners, but they are still in good condition and this patina gives them a nice cachet.

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