Engraving of Natural History in color Xixth century by d'Orbigny - Birds

Condition: Used

Ancient engraving of Natural History in color Xixth century.

From the Universal Dictionary of Natural History directed by Charles d'Orbigny (1841-1849).

These engravings are very beautiful, due to the precision of the drawing and the colors used which are still shimmering.

The frame is not old.

Scattered freckles.


-10: Echassiers: Tacana à longue queue et Kamichi cornu

-13: Oiseaux de proie diurnes: Roi des Vautours

-23: Oiseaux de proie diurnes: Faucon kobez

-7: Gallinacées: Hocco roux et Tragopan de Hastings

-17: Echassiers: Poule d'eau Baillon et Plamipèdes: Plongeon imbrin

Dimensions: 17.5 x 26.5cm

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