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Histoire Naturelle Populaire by Charles Brongniart - Editions Flammarion - 1892

Histoire Naturelle Populaire (Popular Natural History) by Charles Brongniart
Bound in percaline
Editions Flammarion - 1892


Histoire Naturelle Populaire (Popular Natural History) by Charles Brongniart 

Illustrated by 870 black and white illustrations in the text and 8 full page color plates.

Editions Flammarion

Interior in good condition with some foxing but the first three pages are loose from the set.

28x20cm Weight: 2.5Kg

Charles Brongniart was a French naturalist, entomologist and paleontologist working at the Museum of Natural History in Paris at the end of the 19th century.

Always be careful to put yourself in the context of the time by leafing through it, because you will inevitably come across terms that are forbidden today because they are racist, insulting or derogatory, remember that the time was not the same.