copy of Hydropote skull - Asian water deer - Vampire deer


Hydropote skull - Asian water deer with prominent canines

Hydropotes inermis - Vampire deer


The Hydropote (Hydropotes inermis) is a small deer living in Asia.

It is a very fearful animal that has the particularity of being the only member of the deer family to have no antlers and to have extremely prominent canines that serve as a defense. This has earned the nickname of vampire deer.

Only the buck has large visible canines that are used during fights between males. It is a herbivorous animal.

These canines are held freely in their cavity, their movements being controlled by the facial muscles. The male can pull them back when he eats. In case of danger, he pulls his canines out and retracts his lower lip to bring his teeth closer together. He then presents an impressive two-pronged weapon to his male rivals.

Length about 15cm

Size of the canines about 5.5cm