tarentula phryna grossetaitai - Whipscorpions: Entomological box

tarentula phryna grossetaitai - Whipscorpions: Entomological box

The box is made entirely by hand by a handcraft bookbinder in Anjou.

Amblypyge is part of the order of arachnids.

They are victims of the bad reputation of spiders while they are harmless to man because they have no venomous apparatus.

The amblypyge is a nocturnal insect that does not have a nest like the mussels or burrow like the scorpions, it is a nomadic animal that hunts at night.

Box size: 18.5x18.5cm

Pick-up in store in Paris only.

Made in Paris in our workshop in Montmartre - label of the city of Paris 2019-2020

205,00 €

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