Museum jar - Wet specimen - Sea cicada (Scyllarus)

Condition: Used

Museum jar also called flute - Wet specimen - Sea cicada (Scyllarus)

Antique glass jar filled with formalin. Hermetically sealed. No leakage, maximum level inside. The label of Boubée Establishment is partly torn.

Comes from the former Comptoir Central d'Histoire Naturelle de Paris. Also called Etablissement Boubée.

House that disappeared permanently in 2014.

This flute dates from the 1930s-1950s and was used as teaching material in schools for example.

Very nice specimen of Sea cicada (Scyllarus)

A glass plate inside the flute prevents the specimen from floating and also allows a better study by placing the specimen against the walls.

Height 14cm


Base diameter 7cm. Tube diameter: 4cm

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