Diaphany: Lizard - Agamidae undetermined in jar - Biological preparation

Diaphany: Lizard - Agamidae undetermined in jar - Biological preparation - 1 coloration.

The purpose of the diaphanisation is to make transparent, here the skeletons are "diaphanised" in orange red.

Fabrics are made transparent by a chemical process, and specific colouring agents (red, orange and blue) allow to highlight the skeleton.

It is especially used for the too small animals to be prepared ostéologie there in a conventional way or to study the sequences of ossification for example.

Lizard - Agamidae undetermined, these reptiles are found in many countries and under different climatic conditions.

The flask in which it is contained measure approximately 11 cms high for a base: 5x5cm

Volume of 100ml. The glass cork is blocked.

The flask does not contain a formalin, because the fixation of specimens is realized upstream to the preparation. 

They are then maintained in these flasks filled with pure glycerin which has for function to protect tissues. Some crystals of thymol were added to the preparation also to fight against molds.

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