Jaw of Mako Shark - pre-convention CITES

Impressive jaw of Mako shark.

The mako shark or the blue shark-mole (Isurus oxyrinchus) is of midnight blue color on the top and the white down. Very hydrodynamic shape, it has a maximal size of four meters. We find it in all the océans.

The mako was a part of the family of the sharks-mackerels, a small group of fast sharks as it's cousins the great white shark, the very particular adaptations of the mako to its environment makes one of the super-predators of the sea.

With impressive teeth, 2cm-high fangs!

2 Sizes:
Large: Approx. 34x24cm-2 Jaws
Average: approx: 29x21cm-1 jaw

Before the CITES Convention

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