Jar Museum: snake oxyrhopus trigeminus (Large)

Condition: Used

Bocal Museum also called flute.

Old glass jar filled with alcohol. Closed by an emery cap.

From the estate of a former veterinarian who worked at the Ecole Vétérinaire de Maisons-Alfort. These jars are from his work at the school.

This flute is from the 20-30’s.

It contains a snake - oxyrhopus trigeminus. It’s coming from Brazil.

A glass plate inside the flute prevents the specimen from floating and also allows a better study by placing the specimen against the Walls.

The level of formalin has decreased. Silicone has been added to the emery cap to improve sealing.
Flute blown in the mouth, trace of the cane.

Height 49cm
Diameter of the base 12.5cm. Diameter of the tube: 6cm 3.9kg

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