Sawn ammonite from Madagascar - Cleoniceras fern ammonite - Fossil 100 million years old - AM-T02

Fossil of Ammonite "fern" from Madagascar which has been sawn and polished to show the interior of this ammonite with its different internal partitions.

These partitions having been invested by crystals or sediments.

Cleoniceras ammonite from the Albian period, about 100 million years ago.

Ammonites are an extinct subclass of cephalopod molluscs, as are nautiluses today.

They were characterised by a more or less coiled univalve shell of which only the last compartment was occupied by the animal, the other compartments serving to control its buoyancy.

Diameter about 25/26cm - 1.6Kg

The first part at the entrance of the ammonite has been glued

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Very nice piece in this size!

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