Skeleton of a diaphanous Minnow Fish in jar - Biological preparation

Skeleton of a diaphanous Minnow Fish. Phoxinus phoxinus.

The purpose of diaphanisation is to make the fish transparent so that the skeleton can be seen through the skin.

The skin is made transparent by a chemical process, and specific dyes are used to highlight the skeleton.

This is mainly used for animals that are too small to be prepared for osteology in the conventional way or to study ossification sequences for example.

The vial in which it is contained is about 7cm high and 3cm in diameter. The cork stopper is epoxy treated.

The vial does not contain formalin, as the fixation of the specimens is carried out before the preparation.

The specimens are then kept in these vials filled with pure glycerine which has the function of preserving the tissues. Some thymol crystals were added to the preparation as well to fight against mould.

The animals have not been killed for this purpose, they are sold as animal feed.

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