Steampunk tarantula - Theraphosa Blondi (Goliath tarentula)

Steampunk tarantula - Theraphosa Blondi (Goliath tarentula)

Theraphosa Blondi also known as Goliath's spider or Tarantula of LeBlond.

Creation of our workshop with old workings of clocks and watches, the spider was damaged originally but thanks to the work of our entomologist, it is again superb.

Captured in October 1985 in French Guiana.

It is the largest species of tarantula discovered to date, its venom, injected by 2cm-long hooks, is neurotoxic but not active on humans. However, the size and strength of the hooks will cause severe pain in the event of a bite. She hunts on the lookout, on the ground, and is active only at night.

Spider scale : about 18-20cm

Entomological box handmade by a bookbinder craftsman in Anjou.


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