Fossil Tooth: Mosasaur - 65 Million Years

Condition: Used

Fossil Tooth: Mosasaur - 65 Million Years

Mosasaurus is a giant marine reptile that lived in the Late Cretaceous between 70 and 65 million years ago. It was 17 meters long.

The teeth are on their rock gangue, there are also small pieces of bone or shells coming from the basin where they were extracted.

Model A: 5.5cm tooth on 8x6.5cm rock
Model B: 5cm tooth on 9x8cm rock
Model C: 5cm tooth on 8x7cm rock
Model D: 5.5cm tooth on 8x5.5cm rock
Model E: 7cm tooth on rock 9x7.5cm

Everything is stable, no piece moving.

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