Anatomy: "L'Anatomie de L'Homme" by Bourgery and Jacob -1837/1843

Anatomical plate: "L'Anatomie de L'Homme" by Dr Bourgery and draughtsman Jacob -1837/1843

The plates are taken from the monumental work of Dr Bourgery who occupied there the last 15 years of his life to realize it: Complete treatise of the anatomy of man, including surgical anatomy and surgical medicine.
Unanimously recognized for the finesse of his drawings by the Professor of anatomical drawing Jacob, pupil of the famous painter of the Revolution, David.

These plates were printed in lithograph by Imprimerie Lemercier, Benard et Cie in Paris, which allows us to know that they were printed between 1837 (year of association between Lemercier and Benard) and 1843 (dissolution of this association).

Our boards are all taken from Volume 6 .

Plate 18: Arterial compression.
This figure represents various compression modes: at the head, by bandages, in the case of haemorrhage of one of the branches of the facial artery, the sub-orbital and the frontal of the ophthalmic; at the neck, by a compressor of the carotid, and, on the axillary artery path, by the pressure of the fingers.

Plate 19: Arterial compression.
This figure represents the compression of two arteries: on the face, on the temporal; and on the neck, on the subclavian.

Plate 22: Simple operation.Application of a seston on the back of the neck. (The seston of the latin seta: silk and in English seston, is a bundle of horsehair (formerly silk) which is introduced under the skin or through a cavity that one wants to drain. Used to ensure continuous drainage without unsightly scarring)

Plate 28: Junod suction cups. Device composition.

Plate 30: Bleeding of the jugular and cephalic veins.

Plate 41: Ligature of the ulnar, radial, and humeral arteries.

Plate 44: Ligature of the external carotid arteries, lingual, occipital and temporal.

Plate 48: Ligature of the primary iliac arteries, external and internal.

Plate 64: Resection of the upper jaw after extraction and removal of the maxillary bone.

Plate 77: Amputations in the scapulo-humeral joint.

Good condition, always bright colors. Some rare foxing.

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