Yellow sea whip (Gorgonia Violacea) on pedestal (Large)

Yellow sea whip (Gorgonia Violacea) on pedestal 
Surprising natural yellow color, the main body being sometimes tinged with purple.

Its Latin name does not indicate that it is yellow, and yet this gorgonia Violacea, is of course of this bright color.
Sea whip, like corals, are animals living in the form of sessile colonial polyps, organized in trees.
Each polyp has 8 tentacles that filter and consume plankton. The general structure, a skeleton that is both flexible and hard, called gorgonine, does not grow in the direction of the sun (it does not require light to develop) but perpendicular to the current, so as to filter out as much water flow as possible.
Approximate dimensions:
Height about 70cm Width 47cm

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