Blue coral Heliopora coerulea of the Solomon Islands: CO583-4

Blue coral Heliopora coerulea of the Solomon Islands.

This beautiful blue color is natural.

Heliopora coerulea or blue coral is now the only species of its genus, but some 100 million years ago it dominated most of the world’s oceans. 

It grows as a vertical branch in the waters of the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean, but its blue hue is only discovered at the time of its death, when the small polyps disappear, revealing the skeleton, otherwise you’ll only see white tentacles underwater!

This hue is thought to be due to a molecule close to biliverdin (responsible for hematomas in humans or the staining of certain egg shells).

This coral on a rectangular brass base has its Cites number, since it is a regulated trading species protected by the Washington Convention.
Why was this coral harvested? The Solomon Islands have a deep-water port for large vessels and regularly have to dredge the bottom of the canal in order to secure the bottom of the boats, hence these coral withdrawals.

Unique piece: CO583-4

Supplied with its CITES certificate

L 15cm x 13cm x H 21cm 

Can only be sold in the European Union.

579,00 €

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