Dragon Stone - Wild Septaria of Madagascar

Wild Septaria of Madagascar also called Dragon Stone.

The Septaria is a stone composed of a mixture of yellow calcite and sandstone, which is found mainly on the island of Madagascar, characterized by very visible indentation slits. When the stone is polished, it is visible cracks due to the different elements that make up the Septaria.

With time, tectonic movements, etc. nodules can be fractured and new mineral solutions can invade the indentation slits, often calcite.

In our case, the Septaria was egg-shaped polished and the interior was invaded by a very fine crystallization of calcite.

Very beautiful crystals.

It is also easy to understand why it is called Dragon Stone, the outside is very similar to the idea that you can have for a dragon egg!

Sold without the base.

Réf OSM 87: 1.1Kg 12.5cm

Réf OSM 93: 1.8Kg 13.5cm

Réf OSM 131: 1.07Kg 11.5cm

Réf OSM 92: 628g 9.5cm

Réf OSM 95: 956g 10cm

Réf OSM 113: 2.03Kg 14cm

Réf OSM 132: 1Kg 11cm

Réf OSM 117: 1.07Kg 11cm

Réf OSM 141: 1.9Kg 14cm

Réf OSM 109: 2.07Kg 14.5cm

Réf OSM 140: 1.58Kg 13cm

Réf OSM 138: 1.7Kg 14cm

Réf OSM 114: 1.5Kg 12.5cm

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