L'Anatomie de L'Homme - by Bourgery and Jacob - 1839 - Volume 7: Atlas of Operative Medicine

Condition: Used

L'Anatomie de L'Homme (The Anatomy of Man) - by Dr Bourgery and the illustrator Jacob

Volume 6: Atlas of Operative Medicine

First edition published in 1839

It is very rare to come across the colour edition!

The lithographs were printed by the Imprimerie Lemercier, Benard et Cie in Paris.

L'Anatomie de L'Homme is the monumental work of Dr Bourgery who spent the last 15 years of his life to complete it: Traité complet de l'anatomie de l'homme, comprenant l'anatomie chirurgicale et la médecine opératoire.

Unanimously recognized for the delicacy of its drawings made by the anatomist Professor Jacob, pupil of the famous painter of the Revolution, David.

In total this work is illustrated with 725 lithographed plates in folio in sixteen volumes, eight volumes of text in 2108 pages, and eight volumes of plates for 3750 individual figures, which will be the subject of eighty deliveries spread out from 1831 to 1854, the last volume having been published posthumously

Volume 6 is composed of 91 plates.

The lithographs are always preceded by their nomenclature.

Good condition of the lithographs, colours always vivid. Some rare foxing and occasional dampstaining but on the text only and not on the lithograph.

In-Folio: 44x33cm

Extremely heavy! Weight: 4.4Kg

Bound in contemporary red half-chagrin with spine gilt, boards rubbed, corners dulled and missing.

The operations depicted are performed on patients (sometimes on cadavers, but in this case it is indicated), but at the time, in 1839, anaesthesia did not exist...

Some operations illustrated in this volume:

-Surgical anatomy of the lower and upper limb regions, neck, perineum

-Position of the scalpel and scissors

-Instrument boards

-Compression of arteries

-Extraction of teeth

-Scarifiers and suction cups




-Extraction of a bullet from the bone

-Frontal bone extraction

-Sickle cell surgery



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