Histoire naturelle de l'Homme et de la Femme by Debay - Antique book of 1890

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Histoire naturelle de l'Homme et de la Femme depuis leur apparition sur le globe terrestre jusqu'à nos jours.

Natural History of Man and Woman from their appearance on the globe to the present day.

By Auguste Debay - 41st edition - 1890

Followed by the History of Human Monstrosities with engravings at the end of the volume.

"Organic anomalies - oddities and degradations of the human species. Explanation of the most extraordinary phenomena of the human economy from birth to death. With ten engravings."

Published in 1890 - Forty-first edition - E. Dentu Libraire

Signed by the author Auguste Debay

Paperback with cover and spine in poor condition - Interior in good condition. The stapled cover has been laminated at some point, which makes it more rigid.

The table of contents is shown in the photo.

This book appeared after Darwin's Theory of Evolution in 1858, the year of the first edition of Debay's work.

Debay explains that Man descended from an animal being, the quadruman, which then evolved into Homo sapiens, the crowds of the time must have howled at this reading where they learnt that the ape was the first father of Man. He refutes the idea of the genesiastic books as he calls the Bible.
He then divided the human race hierarchically into different races as was customary at the time. A false assertion.

Always be careful to put yourself in the context of the time when reading it, because you will inevitably come across terms that are prohibited today because they are racist, abusive, derogatory or insulting, remember that the time was not the same.

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