Treatise on Toxicology by Lewin and Pouchet - 1903

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Treatise on Toxicology

By Lewin and Pouchet published in 1903 by Octave Doin Editeur in Paris.

Belonged to the library of Dr. Gabriel Pouchet, the author of the treatise as indicated by the library stamp in the first pages.

The book was abundantly annotated in the margins on certain parts by a doctor officiating at the Broussais hospital in Paris in the years 1950-1960 and who was very upset about the clinical trials on animals and especially dogs done at that time. He also sometimes recounts his own anecdotes encountered in the hospital.

Some articles from scientific publications dating back to 1935 are slipped between certain pages.

Strong volume of 1120 pages Dimensions: 24.5x17cm Weight:2.3Kg

Few illustrations.

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