Grimoire book of 1768: L'Albert Moderne ou nouveaux secrets éprouvées et licites

Condition: Used

"L'Albert Moderne" - Book of 1768

published by the Veuve Duchesne, Bookseller rue St Jacques, Au temple du Goût - Original Edition

By Pons Augustin Alletz (1703-1785)

In his preface he forbids himself to reproduce the secrets that challenge reason or those that could be misused.

He thus stands out completely from the Grand Albert, whose sulphurous name he borrows, which was a grimoire of popular magic very widespread in the countryside despite its prohibition by the Church.

Pons uses the aura of the Grand Albert to sell his Modern Albert but remaining much wiser.

The volume is divided into three parts: secrets for health, secrets useful for various subjects, secrets for approval.

The book is filled with many amazing recipes that range from care for the horns to the feet, healing from cancer, recipes that allow to vary the colors of the roses, the way to make a natural dial to know what time it is without watch or dial etc...

leather binding with decorated back - 10x17 cm

24 pages numbered in Roman numerals including preface and table of contents + 432 pages.
Spots at the bottom of the first pages
Stamping on the title page with ex-libris manuscript
Binder partially dislocated but still holding
Tears p.VII and XI

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