Medicinal formulas of the Hostel-Dieu of Paris or Pharmacopoeia: Ancient book of 1753

Condition: Used

Medicinal formulas from Hostel-Dieu de Paris or pharmacopeia

1753 original edition, rare.

Chez Despilly Fils Bookseller

This book is a collection of recipes, herbal teas, infusions, syrops, hydromels, bouillons, wines, opiates, candles etc... The ancestor of future pharmaceutical codex.

For example, you can make a viper broth to revive the sick and the elderly. Be careful to choose a live viper and to give taste you can add a calf heart.

We also find the Devil’s Ointment or wax candles to dilate the urethra in case of gonorrhea... all to do yourself. The DIY of the 18th century!

200 pages

Ornate 5-nerve back with red and gold title piece - worn corners and headdresses - marbled slices - pages of marbled guards - fresh interior.

Her red silk bookmark is still present - Wormhole on the last pages at the bottom of the sheet

In-12: Dimensions 16.5 x 10 cm

This edition is attributed to Elie Col de Vilars (1675-1747) but later in the editions it will be said that it is a collective work given by "all the Doctors of the Hotel-Dieu together".

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