The Universe and Humanity - by H.Kraemer - "Art Nouveau" cover

Condition: Used

The Universe and Humanity - by H.Kraemer - "Art Nouveau" cover

Very nice cover Art Nouveau around 1900-1910, typical of the time with its figures that will be called noodle style after Hector Guimard. 

Cover in canvas and leather with insertion of a copper plate.

This book is as much a history of science as a science book. Indeed, each subject is addressed by a presentation of the evolution of knowledge in this field before moving on to a description of the knowledge of the moment. Don’t forget, this is the very beginning of the 20th century around 1900-1910.
Beware, always put in the context of the time, today some articles are clearly racist for example.
French edition: Maison Bong & Cie
Dimensions: 21.5x29cm - 2.7Kg per volume

Abundant illustration because each volume contains about 50 extra-text plates (Almost all in color and on two or more pages) and about 250 illustrations in the text (including a small part in color and some in double page).

Beautiful books

The edition was in 5 volumes, here you are offered the first 3 volumes.

Rubbed covers to the headpieces, corners and bits, weakened hinges and the binder. Se photos.
The price is for 1 volume. 
The first volume is about:
-Study of the Earth’s crust
-The earth’s crust and humanity
-The physics of the globe

The second volume is about:
-The human race, its origins and evolution
-Evolution of the plant kingdom
-Evolution of the animal kingdom

The third volume is about:
- Cosmography and astronomy;
-Exploration of the Earth’s surface
The fourth volume is about:

-Exploring the Earth's surface (part two)


The fifth volume is about::

-The beginnings of the technique

-Use of natural forces

-The difficulties of scientific observations

-Influence of civilization on human health


The price is for 1 volume

69,00 €

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