Plantes et bêtes, causeries sur l'Histoire Naturelle by J.Pizzetta circa 1880

Condition: Used

"Plants and Beasts, Familiar Talks on Natural History" by J.Pizzetta - 1882

Beautiful copy with superb romantic cardboard decorated.

Ancient work where one goes to discover natural history by following the wanderings of Dr. Magnus in the form of a novel as was often done at the end of the 19th century.

Second edition by HENNUYER printer editor in Paris.

150 engravings and 6 beautiful full-page coloured boards.

443 pages - Golden slices.

Handwritten inscription on the guard page: Given by Mademoiselle in Carcassonne - 1932 - P.Veillon

Freckles pronounced only on the first 15 pages

Dimensions: 27x18cm

140,00 €

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