General Anatomy by BICHAT - Year X of the Republic (1801) - Book XIXth

Condition: Used

General Anatomy - Year X of the Republic (1801) - Book XIXth

Old leather bound book from the very beginning of the 19th century

By BICHAT, Doctor of the Grand Hospice D 'Humanité de Paris (Hôtel-Dieu)

3 volumes available:

Volume 1: Medium condition, rubbed binding and epidermis. Fresh interior, wormholes.

Volume 2: Medium condition, rubbed and epidermis binding, white spot on the cover and lack on the back. Fresh interior.

Volume 4: Medium condition, rubbed and epidermal binding, missing on the back of the cover, tear on the last page. Fresh interior.


The price is for 1 Volume

21,00 €

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