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Tarentula Cyriopagopus minax and wasp pepsis on volcanic rock - Composition under dome


Composition under dome

Cyriopagopus minax tarantula and its predator pepsis wasp on volcanic rock


Composition under dome

Cyriopagopus minax (formerly Haplopelma minax, formerly Melopoeus mina) and pepsis wasp on volcanic rock 

Make no mistake, the predator here is the wasp!

The Pepsis wasp is a predator of tarantulas, which it paralyzes in its burrow by stinging with its stinger, then laying an egg on its abdomen. Each larva develops into a parasite attached to the host spider, which remains alive and sometimes even regains some of its mobility before being killed by the larva...

Mygale origin: Thailand

Wasp origin: South-Esat Asia

Blown glass dome with black satin-finish medium base.

D23.5cm H13cm

Only pick up in shop - Insects are too fragile to be shipped

Prepared in Paris in our workshop in Montmartre - Fabriqué à Paris Label in 2024

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