Pommadier Secret of Apothecary (small)

Secret of Apothecary is a range of natural aromatic candles.

Produced and handcrafted in Normandy in the great tradition of traditional preparations, these candles, 100% natural soy wax and bee, with a beautiful white and milky color mixed with natural and aromatic perfumes of Grasse. The candles are presented in pomades made of brown glass of Victorian era stamped with resin wax stamps Coated with its wax seal and its ribbon, the pomade has a capacity of 60ml. Estimated burning time: 10h.

-The Apothecary: Leather and Cedar Wood

-Mademoiselle Wang: Cedar and Liquorice 

-Bal in St Petersburg: Leather and Fine Cologne

-Candlelit dinner: Tuberose

-Rêve de Charlotte: Orange Blossom

-Family Christmas: Cinnamon and Orange

-Mass of Sunday: musk and benjoin

15,00 €

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