Pommadier Secret of Apothecary (small)

Secret d'Apothicaire pommadier (small)

Secret d'Apothicaire is a range of natural aromatic candles.

Produced and manufactured by craftsmen in Normandy in the great tradition of old-fashioned preparations, these candles, 100% natural soy and beeswax, with a beautiful milky white color, are mixed with natural and aromatic perfumes from Grasse.

The candles are presented in Victorian style brown glass officinal pommadiers.

The candle has a capacity of 60ml. Estimated burning time: 10h.

-The Apothecary: Leather and Cedar Wood

-Mademoiselle Wang: Cedar and Liquorice 

-Bal in St Petersburg: Leather and Fine Cologne

-Candlelit dinner: Tuberose

-Rêve de Charlotte: Orange Blossom

-Family Christmas: Cinnamon and Orange

-Mass of Sunday: musk and benjoin

18,00 €

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