APOTHECA perfume diffuser

Collection of scented candles and room fragrances, Apotheca is a collection of fragrances inspired by natural and supernatural phenomena and their effects on the human being.

Based on the vision that each disease has its cure, the series puts flora and fauna in the bottle to offer a range of therapeutic fragrances. The fragrances are made with the greatest care by the perfumers of Grasse.

The sublime verrines of the diffusers, reminiscent of the old golden labels of apothecary bottles with their Latin names, are designed by master glassmakers and are then transformed into luminous and colored vases.

Sold in a box with a diffuser of 500ml provided with 2 refills and rattan stems is about 4 months of broadcast.

VIPERA: The viper gets drunk with the unusual mix of leather and incense

VENENUM: The daring and beautiful immortal turns into venom defying death

79,00 €

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